Realtime Hazard Reporting App

Awareness and reporting of hazards in the workplace is a mission critical task for all employees, contractors and anyone else working on site or accessing a workplace. All staff should have access to realtime data of what hazards are present in the workplace and how to report new hazards they encounter in their role. Tools such as the Hazard Report app allow your front line workforce to report hazards they witness, are involved in or observe in realtime and ensure that actions are done to manage those hazards or present future ones from happening. Keeping an active and live registry of hazards allows staff to be aware of them before they start working in the workspace which can directly lead to preventing an injury or incident. Using the hazard reporting app encourages a positive safety practice across the workplace and encourages proactive reporting amongst your contractors and employees.

Mobile Hazard Report Form

When using a hazard report app, fast and quick hazard reports from a mobile device such as a tablet, iPhone or Android device should be quick and simple, common form elements might include the ability to take a picture, categorise the type of hazard, how was it identified, what is the nature of the hazard, location, what actions were taken, is it a new or existing hazard?

Realtime Hazard Registry

An app is the most easily accessible option to ensure all staff and contractors have access to a live hazard report registry 24/7. Everyone carries a mobile a phone and a mobile app will help ensure that everyone has easy and continuous access to their workplace hazard registry.

Create your own Hazard Report forms

No two organisations are exactly the same and neither should your hazard reports. each workplace is unique and different and so should your hazard report forms be. You need to make sure that your hazard report registries are site specific, workplace specific. Using our form builder, you can create your own dedicated and personalised hazard report forms. Your workforce can then load your specific hazard report form via the Hazard Report app and submit workplace specific hazard reports in realtime in the field.

Employers have a legal responsibility to control workplace hazards

Either by eliminating the hazard or, where this is not possible, by minimising the effects of the hazard. When hazards are identified you, as the employer, can take steps to minimise any risk from the hazard

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Using the app, your users can report hazards in real time as they encournter them

Follow them through with a formal report using the Hazard Reporting Software

More and more people access the Internet via mobile technologies, an app is a MUST for empowering Hazard Reporting by your users from the devices they use most.

Employers are legally required to take corrective action on Hazard Reports.

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