What is Hazard Reporting?

There are many legal requirements for workplaces to record and manage hazards in the workplace. Hazard Reporting is the process of capturing these details about a hazard or potential hazard into a registry so that they can be managed from there in order to prevent an inury or incident. Allowing your staff the mechanism to identify and report hazards also allows you to notify and train new staff, contractors or visitors about that hazard. Hazard awareness in the workplace is extremely important in preventing an incident from occuring.

What does the Hazard Report app do?

It's all about arming your employees and contractors with a Hazard Report app so that they can report new hazards in the workplace easily and quickly. Taking a photo, capturing the details of the hazard, its classification, how was it identified and what information about the hazard could prevent others from getting injured or harmed. It's also about bringing realtime awareness of hazards in the workplace so that all staff are aware 24/7 what hazards in in their workplace, what to do when they are exposed to those hazards and how to work around them.

Creating your own Hazard Reporting mobile app

Not only do we have our own Hazard Reporting app but we have the ability for you to create your own one! Your branding, your logo, your custom form. This enables you to set up hazard reporting in your workplace on mobile devices so that your staff can capture and identify hazards in the workplace easily and efficiently and specific to your work environment and industry. Fill out the form further below to get started!

Customised hazard reporting software - the way you want it!


  • Reporting dashboard with custom
    forms and registries
  • Hazard Reporting app to record hazards you observe, witness or are involved with.
  • Record details of the hazard such as the location, types and description
  • Perfect for notifying in the field where hazards occur
  • Easy to use and a great tool in Hazard Reporting
  • Personalised to how you want it to work, your fields, your reports, your requirements!
  • No IT skills required
  • Up and running within minutes!
  • Doesn't cost an arm and a leg!
  • Create any hazard report feature you need

Employers have a legal responsibility to control workplace hazards

Either by eliminating the hazard or, where this is not possible, by minimising the effects of the hazard. When hazards are identified you, as the employer, can take steps to minimise any risk from the hazard

Real Time Hazard Reporting By All Employees

Empowering your employees to report hazards is one of the most effective ways to identify hazards. Workers have a legal responsibility to report any hazards of which they become aware, to their employer

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Using the app, your users can report hazards in real time as they encournter them

Follow them through with a formal report using the Hazard Reporting Software

More and more people access the Internet via mobile technologies, an app is a MUST for empowering Hazard Reporting by your users from the devices they use most.

Employers are legally required to take corrective action on Hazard Reports.

Hazard Reporting Software - used by the largest companies, most renowned names Large and Small all over the world


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